Friday, December 10, 2010

Majlis Khatam Al-Quran, Berendoi & Berkhatan, Kampung Selboh, Parit,Perak

2 days x 1 nite trip to the small town of Parit, Perak

crossing border from Selangor into Perak

The leisure drive to the quaint town of Parit , via  Saujana Utama/Puncak Alam, Ijok, Bukit Rotan, Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor, Tanjong Karang, Sekinchan,   right across Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam where we stopped for a cup of coffee and banana-wrapped nasi lemak. Continued the journey across into Perak state passing by Sungai Besar and a right-turn at Hutan Melintang heading toward Teluk Intan.

crossing over into state of Perak 

beautiful view in Sabak Bernam
long stretch of green  padi field

The leaning tower of Teluk Intan (Teluk Anson)

Teluk Intan - visited Dr. Mas Adi Sidek (Suriani/Bahar's cousin) and his family at the  Hospital quarters. Last met Mas Adi at Paman Sidek/his parents home in Pantai Bersih about more than 26 years ago when we were staying in Butterworth and now is the head/a senior Medical Officer in Teluk Intan GH.

Rosli (Zaidah)'s  kampung home in Selboh, Parit, Perak

Have seen a lot of improvement/renovation done to this house. Must compliment Rosli since he has done a very good job taking care of his elderly mother whom I met during  performing our Haj in 1992. Being an obedient and caring son , Allah SWT has greatly rewarded Rosli and his family. His eldest daughter studying medicine and the other children doing very well in their studies, smart and obedient too.

the peaceful Parit, Perak

We took a tour of this serene town. New upgraded facilities/infra done for the rakyat of Parit and yet the town remained a beautiful and peaceful town, where everyone knows everybody and call by names even hailing/heloo/hi can be heard from the sidewalk coffee shop across the lane. ... 'mane komei ? kabor kitei...'  Perak lingo that sound foreign to my ears yet lingering in my mind.

a newly built pedestrian bridge

Cempaka Sari Rest House
right in the centre of the town, opposite  the mosque

the Cempaka Sari bazaar
yet to be fully operational

~ Berkhatam Quran, Berendoi and Berkhatan ceremonies of Rosli Rashid & Zaidah Mohd (my sis-in-law) family 

dressing up the participants
Illiya (Rosli & Zaidah's daughter) being done-up by her aunty MakSu
(Haji Othman & Aida youngest daughter)

the dais ~ pelamin complete with bunga telur and
 red velvet 'sulam tekat'/embroidery  cushions

Quran reading session

the Berendoi (Naik Buaian)
The baby will be placed in this decorated cradle and a group of ladies
singing the song 'Dendang Siti Fatimah' - in Perak

en example - Song called ' Anak di dalam Buaian'

Ayuhai anak di dalam buaian,
Pejamkan mata jangan tangiskan,
Lagu Berendoi kami dendangkan,
Di dalam majlis tanda kesyukuran.
Lamalah sudah kami menanti,
Namun engkau tak kunjung tiba,
Dengan takdir ilahi rabbi,
Kini engkau sudah menjelma

Izhar dressed in baju Melayu & samping songket
carried on the shoulder by his uncle
accompanied by kompang

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tiffin Meal Set at Tanjung Rimau

November 2010 (Muslim calender - Zulhijjah 1431) has been a hectic month for me.  Cleaning up the kampung home (buka rumah) and making preparations for the Aidiladha , attending several weddings of nephews and nieces  as well as thanksgiving prayers (kenduri) kept me and my husband busy.

In between all the hustle and bustle, on one of the days at kampung Tanjung Rimau, and with the help of our youngest daughter we managed to do a 'Tiffin Lunch' ~

The menu as follows :-

 i)  gulai asam pedas ikan kembong Melaka style
ii)  kerabu pucuk paku   Hj Husin
iii) sambal petai udang Amira

This 'tiffin food carrier' is one of the 2 sets that i gave my mother while the other set was for my mom-in-law many years ago. Now both mothers have passed on (Alfathihah May Allah SWT bless their souls). Then...those days... it was the tradition of both mothers to pack ketupat, rendang and other hari raya food in this tifffin carrier for me to take home either from Banting to Tanjung Rimau or vice versa depending where hubby, me and the children (they were young that time) celebrate the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Aidiladha.

Asam pedas ikan kembong , sambal udang petai and kerabu pucuk paku

the gulai asam pedas flavoured with daun kesom and bunga kantan

sambal udang with petai
 (secret : dried prawn pounded with shallots)
this was cooked by Amira

kerabu pucuk paku 
(Hj Husin secret recipe)

Reminiscing previous tiffin meals at Laman Tanjung Rimau ~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bakawali Bloom Again .... Bakawali Berbunga lagi

looking over my tiny garden
i saw my pot of bakawali with a new pinkish white bloom
the 3rd bakawali flower this season

a beauty in the morning sunlight

as the sun goes up... this bloom closes up

the 2nd bloom that caught my attention

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A brief 3-days Stay Kampung Home

an interesting and unusual happening ~
one of PakTeh's duck warming/hatching the chicken's egg

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look Alike Twins but not Identical ....Kembar Seiras tapi Tak Serupa

Had great fun and enjoyed my brief 10 days stint at Tanjung Rimau, my kampung home. Though very busy spring cleaning in and out of the kampung home, trying our best to prepare for the homecoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year and making our home as comfortable and as warm as posssible to welcome all brothers, sisters, in-laws, neices, nephews and grandchildren, me and husband had a grand tour to a few nostalgic kampungs. The third day, my brother and wife tagged along with us passing thru several quaint villages including Alor Gajah and our cowboy town, Tampin.

My mission was to get 'kopitiam' cups and saucers plus the ceramic spoon. Managed to get more than that >

my new collections :
the  enamel tray - size is smaller that the one that
 I bought  last year while the kopitiam cups & saucers,
4 pieces  and another  set of 6 cups and saucers, and
the small white ceramic spoon, only 3 pieces,
I managed to salvaged from the dusty
shelf of the crockery shop ...
the old Apek promised to order more and
asked me to come in a  months time

these  identical but not same sets of cups and saucers 

similar pink and cream green roses
with gold rims and trimmings

but different in shape and size

bunga rose

of different make
but still 'Made in China'

Now I am searching for enamel tea/coffee pots. Maybe going down south heading to Johor Bahru or futher north. Hmmmm ...looking forward to my next adventure.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Flowers and Vases and Flowers Arrangement

Still writing on my flowers arrangments ...Cik Jah Online Flower
Am glad having delivered the second order for my friend and got to start designing an exclusive/classic flower arrangement for another friend. This is her  third order and alhamdullilah she loves my flowers designs ...

My stock of artificial  flowers available , call or email tell me what your choice and budget and InsyaAllah will do my best ...
calla lilies

parrot tulips

pinky pink tulips

different range of parrot tulips

mother duck and its ducklings
(* just to divert from flowers)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CikJah Flowers Workstation ... During The Holy Month of Ramadhan 1431

Alhamdulillah, Allah the Most Gracious ...
This Ramadhan month brings happiness to all Muslims
CikJah Flowers is most thankful that the outcome of the Safinatunajjah bazaar
in July presented CikJah Flowers with abundance  opportunities meeting new lovely friends
requesting for CikJah Flower designs.
These are some of the flower and vases, more to arrive
due to the present small workhop of CikJah Flowers
thanxs to all faithful friends