Monday, January 31, 2011

GA cikAida al-Kesah Sempena Chinese New Year

Cerita cikJah kali ni fokus pada GA cikAida Al-Kesah ~

Cantik bakul sia Melaka di blog cik Aida AlKesah  .... ini yang menarik .. hadiah GA cikAida lagi menarik perhatian blogger PML
klik >

Ini pula syarat2 penyertaan :-

(1) Mestilah jadi follower cikAida dulu.
(2) Entri GA ini dan linkkan blog anda.
(3) Tinggalkan jejak di Post A comment.
(4) Terbuka kepada kengkawan beralamat di Malaysia sahaja ye (Postage purposes)

hadiah pertama >

hadiah kedua >

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This My First time joining a GA - Giveaway "GA SEMPENA IZZAH BIRTHDAY"

have just read from  Zaza (PML Collectors) blog ~  re: Giveaway from   Izzah  ~ , she will be celebrating  her birthday 28 Jan ...tomorrow .   Wishing Izzah a very Happy Birthday

She is giving away these attractive gifts ... as follows :- 

closing  date GA -  27 Jan 2011 ,12 midnite
still not too late to join ......follow this link ~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Last Week of December 2010 in Kg Tg Rimau

added a few pieces the front row
 tea cups ~ 'si hitam manis'

the lonely "silver bamboo' teapot
newly acquired in 2010
will be looking out for tea cups, saucers & plates

left to dry in this basket after cleaning up
~ these are old designs 'made in china' teacups

fine China porcelain 
...silver lining

The Christmas holidays were spent in our kampung home. Its been more than 3 weeks we were away and the grasses and weeds were happily climbing and weaving in and out. So were the others, including the potted and non-potted flowers and plants around the laman Tg Rimau. 

We had a lovely surprise. Our eldest son with his wife and lovely twin boys dropped in to stay overnight.  Both the boys were taken to visit Atok's barber to get a haircut.

~ the before hair cut  twins

after the hair cut ~