Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look Alike Twins but not Identical ....Kembar Seiras tapi Tak Serupa

Had great fun and enjoyed my brief 10 days stint at Tanjung Rimau, my kampung home. Though very busy spring cleaning in and out of the kampung home, trying our best to prepare for the homecoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year and making our home as comfortable and as warm as posssible to welcome all brothers, sisters, in-laws, neices, nephews and grandchildren, me and husband had a grand tour to a few nostalgic kampungs. The third day, my brother and wife tagged along with us passing thru several quaint villages including Alor Gajah and our cowboy town, Tampin.

My mission was to get 'kopitiam' cups and saucers plus the ceramic spoon. Managed to get more than that >

my new collections :
the  enamel tray - size is smaller that the one that
 I bought  last year while the kopitiam cups & saucers,
4 pieces  and another  set of 6 cups and saucers, and
the small white ceramic spoon, only 3 pieces,
I managed to salvaged from the dusty
shelf of the crockery shop ...
the old Apek promised to order more and
asked me to come in a  months time

these  identical but not same sets of cups and saucers 

similar pink and cream green roses
with gold rims and trimmings

but different in shape and size

bunga rose

of different make
but still 'Made in China'

Now I am searching for enamel tea/coffee pots. Maybe going down south heading to Johor Bahru or futher north. Hmmmm ...looking forward to my next adventure.