Sunday, August 14, 2011

~ Cups and Saucers ~ a few ~ from online purchase..some are gifts from online friends and some are old collections

a set of six, complete with saucers but no teapot
~ from mom-in-law heritage home

bunga padi ? gandum?
online Ipoh friend

only a single set

a few additional pieces from the cups were online purchase ~ Ipoh
and a few sets from late mom-in-law old collection  

 a miss-matched set of cups & saucers

still looking out for its right match

a rare piece
:  extra saucers to let go

a pair bought online 

odd pieces
hope to get matching pieces

BK cups (in the forefront) is called 'Bujang' / single ,without saucers
while the ones on extreme right is 'round' cups with matching saucers
BK cups on the left known as 4-seasons BK also without saucers

sweet sakura

a gift - EG 2011

a pair of BK Cup (mulut lebar)
a rare piece and popularly referred to as 'wide mouth'
~ gift from a cousin who is also a collector

this design so-called 'Bunga Padi' is a favorite 
Sept 2011 addition
to my cups and saucers collection

Friday, August 12, 2011

... Sakura ~ Add on to my Sakura Collection

dtd : 24Aug2011...  14in Oval Platter
my 'Sakura' collection

these 6pcs from Ain Zuryn

this craze for 'sakura' started off with a gift from my sis-in-law
an 'Aladdin' teapot

Aladdin Sakura teapot

EG gift from cik Yatt Precious
a collection of blues and antique roses teacups
that matched my roses 'square' teapot
2 sets of beautiful sakura cups & saucers

the sakura cups & saucers 
(on the left)

just to display the sakura pieces

then came a few pieces of saucers only
odd pieces collected from
mum-in-law's old kampung home

old  family collection

from ZaitunAntique
6pcs 'mangkuk sambal' 

last but not least
the latest addition
(pic top-of-page)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

~ A Nice Surprise Today ~ Matching Teacups for Teapot 'Rosie'

On a trip to visit my sister, took a short side-trip to
downtown Melaka and passed by an old shop
clearing it old stock of crockery , pots and pans
What  lovely find~ 2 boxes of teacups of the same design 
my 'Rosie' teapot.

matching teacups

Bought these teapots sometime ago..
lovely soft and sweet rose design
so I named it 'Rosie' teapot

since this partricular teapot does not have any matching cups,
I placed in in a basket together with  
' cawan bujang Bunga Kangkung' 
* bujang= single /without saucers