Sunday, July 25, 2010

CikJah Flowers promo at the Majlis Forum & Hi-Tea Sekolah Safinatun Najah, Auditorium Sirim, Shah Alam

Had the opportunity to set-up a small 'Flowers, Gifts & Souvenirs' booth during the 'Pendekatan Seimbang Keluarga Cemerlang' Forum & Hi-Tea organised by the Safinatun Najah School yesterday held at the Sirim Auditorium Sirim, Shah Alam.

Am happy to have helpfull assistants, especially Ema Nur. Thank you to all for making this session an enjoyable and fruitful venture.

setting diplay all  items for sale
Ema Nur helped to distribute my biz cards

by CikJah Flowers

Cloth Diaper Gift pack and
cute pretty things by Baby Love Mommy

Baby Gift Pack

the display

my young assistant taking a break
enjoying a piece of  blueberry cupcake

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birds of Paradise / Bunga Burung Cenderawasih Palsu

Birds of Paradise with Orchids
in a fish Bowl Vase
by cikJah Flowers

my display of Birds of Paradise in Tall Glass Vase
paraded among other artificial flowers arrangements

the BOD blooming beautifully
event after 5 days
(it look like the 'Bird' ready to take off flying high in the air)

Lots of the Bird of Paradise plants  displayed at
the great Floral Fiesta  happening in Putrajaya
Putrajaya Floria 2010 now until 18 July 2010

still stalking the BOD
at the Putrajaya Floria 2010

a giant BOD

'Strelitzia Nicolai' - giant Bird of Paradise
exotic white & blue flowers
and can grow tall /up to 6 feet high

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bunga Bakawali ~ Bunga Wijaya Kusuma

 my small pot of ' bunga bakawali'
originates from Makteh Asrah's  laman in Melaka
I had waited a long time to see its white bloom but missed viewing it
since it only opens up middle of the night

Epiphyllum Angulige, also known as Moon Cactus,
Queen of the Night (since it bloom at midnight only)
and in Malaysia it's common name 'bunga Bakawali'
while  Indonesians called them 'bunga Wijaya Kusuma'

It belongs to the cactus family and  said to originate from Mexico.
It is grown in gardens for its ornamental value because of its beautiful fragrant
 flower that bloom for a few hours only at night.
Both the flowers and  stems/leaves of Bakawali also known for its medicinal properties.