Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aidilfitri Keluarga Anak-anak Mohd Mayah di Subang Jaya

Ema's birthday together with 7 other September famili members..
Enje Suriani, Along Aqilah, Iwan, Leya, Emi, Alang Rohaya..

Salam Bermaaf-maafan..
Minta Ampun dan Maaf, Halalkan makan minum
semoga Allah SWT berkati segala usaha
eratkan ikatan kekeluargaan

Anak Cucu Menadah Bersama Berdoa
Doa dilafazkan oleh Pak Enje Baharuddin Mohd 

Amin, Ya-Rabbal-Allamin

with thanxs to Diana Natasha Mohd Yusof

Friday, September 11, 2009

Something That Inspires Me > Ideas for my Flowers Arrangement

cabbage - "centerpiece"
Cabbage is a good source of vitaminC  and  contains glutamine plus amino acid. The Malay Midwifery (amalan perbidanan Melayu) often advises mothers with engorged breasts problems
to wrap cabbage leaves so  to reduce discomfort.
Torch Ginger - High and Mighty
Torch Ginger
Torch Ginger (Etlingera Elatior) commonly grown in Malaysia mainly for cooking, especially to flavour 'assam' dishes. Now it is also used  in fresh flower arrangements.
Roselle - Sweet and Fresh
Roselle  or Hibiscus sabdariffa , known to have anti-hypertensive effects and used in traditional medicine as a diuretics or as a mild laxative. Roselle flowers are sometimes use to make herbal tea and believed to help reduce cholesterol . In Malaysia, fresh roselle  calyxes (calyx- a certain part of the roselle flowers) are made into health juice because ot its high vitamin C content. This plant is recently introduced by the farmers association in Malaysia but it has been  known extensively in Thailand, China, US  and Africa.
These pictures of common vegetable plants were taken from my previous visits to the flowers exposition. Browsing the images gave me inspiration to do flower arrangements

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Solanum Mammosum - Terung Susu/Mackaw Bush/Cow's Udder

Terung Susu - ' Solanum Mammosum" 
Found this shrub in the Putrajaya Garden & Landscape Nursery. Its attractive fruit can be poisonous. Was told that there is an ongoing research done by the government to identify its medicinal properties.
A tropical shrub that has thorns on its stem, its small pear-shaped and bright yellow fruit looking like cow's udder (because of its nipple-like ends) often used in flower arrangements,  and has violet colored flowers. If one touches the surface of its green leaves , one can feel fine spikes.  
Its local name ' terung tetek kambing' also known as 'mackaw bush' and its scientific name is ' Solanum Mammosum'. Its fruit can be poisonous and said to originate from South America.

Uses :

*  its fruiting brances often used  in tropical design flower arrangements (which I am particularly interested in at the moment...)
** also  known to be used in traditional Malay medicine to cure hypertension/diabetes/breast cancer but no details on this as yet

Monday, September 7, 2009

A few More Interesting Shots during Putrajaya Floria 2009

Just found these shots taken using my faithful samsung during the recent Putrajaya Flowers Expo and would like to share with all blogger friends.

What caught my attention initially was the chicken coops (reban ayam & arnab), thought that we could do something like it for our kampung chickens and ducks. We have a few left by our late mother. She loves to keep herself busy back then. To get back the chicken and rabbit story...is seemed they were having a tete-a-tete..with the cute chick inviting mr.rabbit to share its meal and mr. rabbit responding a with a peck on the cheek.
Would like to built a home for the kampung chickens

2-storey chicken coop/reban ayam complete with
a staircase going upper level and
partitions for all members of the family

I found an inspiring..interesting webpage :-
information here if you're interested to know more on chickens
and building chicken coops

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Purple colored  'butterfly-shaped' leaves with 5-petals white flowers
- "Petal Flies"-

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pelargonium Radula - (Jeremin- Halau Nyamuk)

Bought this pot of  'Pelargonium Radula' for only RM6 at Tampin Farmers Market recently. Would like to test whether this plant can repels mosquitoes.

This : shot taken at Putrajaya Floria 09
(image at: flickrs.com/photos)

General info on Pelargonium Radula :-
-  is said to originates from South Africa
-  gives somewhat a camphor-rose-lemon scent
-  known locally as 'Jeremin/Pokok Halau Nyamuk'
-  Insect repellant : crushed  leaves emits  a fragrance that acts  insect  repellant
- the leaves can be dried for pot-pourrie and bath frangrance

Yang Lama di Cari dan di Tambah

Kami balik kampung baru-baru ni kemas rumah buat persediaan untuk menyambut raya. Jumpa sebiji teko tanpa tutup ni dengan enam biji cawan ....
Pasangan cawan ini macam tak serasi je...
Cawan bunga biru ini masih cantik. Set lama buatan  china, tebal dan telinga dia kecil..macam cawan kopitiam je
Jumpa pula sedozen piring kuih comel beropol ..dulu ingat lagi
rajin isi kuih raya..suka sebab comel loteh...
meh kita minum petang guna tea set nih
...walaupun teko tak de tutup...
acuan kuih lompang..mangkuk kecil
bunga apa ni?
acuan kuih lompang sedozen lagi....
Ini pula piring kuih (side plate) bunga matahari..baru tak lama
10 tahun lamanya ...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bagaimana nak 'season' lesong batu leper ni?

Akak minat lesong batu leper ni bila ternampak dalam satu program tv masakan. Lepas tu mintak adik yang tinggal di JB belikan. Adik terjumpa lesong ini , cantik dibungkus di sebuah kedai pinggan mangkuk. Bila dibuka bungkusan, lesong batu ini tak serupa batu lesong yang biasa iatu batu granite yang nampak lebih padat. Tak pasti batu jenis apa yang digunakan untuk lesong yang leper ni..maka belumlah digunakan.

Nak tanya la kawan-kawan online , sesiapa yang ada maklumat berkaitan batu lesong, bagaimana nak cuci (season) lesong batu leper sebelum boleh digunakan ..kerana bila digesek anak lesong tu , semacam ada hakisan lesong tu menyerupai habuk halus.