Friday, September 11, 2009

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cabbage - "centerpiece"
Cabbage is a good source of vitaminC  and  contains glutamine plus amino acid. The Malay Midwifery (amalan perbidanan Melayu) often advises mothers with engorged breasts problems
to wrap cabbage leaves so  to reduce discomfort.
Torch Ginger - High and Mighty
Torch Ginger
Torch Ginger (Etlingera Elatior) commonly grown in Malaysia mainly for cooking, especially to flavour 'assam' dishes. Now it is also used  in fresh flower arrangements.
Roselle - Sweet and Fresh
Roselle  or Hibiscus sabdariffa , known to have anti-hypertensive effects and used in traditional medicine as a diuretics or as a mild laxative. Roselle flowers are sometimes use to make herbal tea and believed to help reduce cholesterol . In Malaysia, fresh roselle  calyxes (calyx- a certain part of the roselle flowers) are made into health juice because ot its high vitamin C content. This plant is recently introduced by the farmers association in Malaysia but it has been  known extensively in Thailand, China, US  and Africa.
These pictures of common vegetable plants were taken from my previous visits to the flowers exposition. Browsing the images gave me inspiration to do flower arrangements

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