Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Solanum Mammosum - Terung Susu/Mackaw Bush/Cow's Udder

Terung Susu - ' Solanum Mammosum" 
Found this shrub in the Putrajaya Garden & Landscape Nursery. Its attractive fruit can be poisonous. Was told that there is an ongoing research done by the government to identify its medicinal properties.
A tropical shrub that has thorns on its stem, its small pear-shaped and bright yellow fruit looking like cow's udder (because of its nipple-like ends) often used in flower arrangements,  and has violet colored flowers. If one touches the surface of its green leaves , one can feel fine spikes.  
Its local name ' terung tetek kambing' also known as 'mackaw bush' and its scientific name is ' Solanum Mammosum'. Its fruit can be poisonous and said to originate from South America.

Uses :

*  its fruiting brances often used  in tropical design flower arrangements (which I am particularly interested in at the moment...)
** also  known to be used in traditional Malay medicine to cure hypertension/diabetes/breast cancer but no details on this as yet

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