Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ceramic Spoons

... old spoons

... sweet pink chrysanthemums
(referred to as 'kekwa merah' by PML collectors)


relatively new addition
to my collection

another old piece 

some are old and a few new pieces
collected over the years

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chinese Teacups Popular amongst the Malays

small Chinese teacups (ctc)  - 'sakura'
been used for steaming 'kuih lompang' -
a Malay traditional dessert

'peonies' set , more than 30yrs old

sweet roses - small cts

 these design - an evergreen
always a collectors' item

new Chinese teacups - 'rice-grain'
it is so called
 because one can see through the porcelain
small 'rice-grain-like' spots

a new addition flowers

a more recent item 

'bunga kangkung' = BK
a slightly bigger ctc measuring 3x 2in

a set ...'ayam merah'

BK CTC set on a BK 9" deep plate

smaller size BK Chinese tea cups

smaller Chinese teacups

'bunga kangkung' ( 3" x 2 ")

peonies ctc

Teapots and Teacups

the one and only one precious teapot
 in my collection

a  loving display of my teapots and teacups

newly acquired
* an extra set available for SALE
interested ? email to

' geisha'
an old collection

old teapots

geisha set

'sakura' old time favorite of many PML collectors

'kekwa hitam' teapot

a mini teapot ...Chinese

'bunga kangkung' teapots

'golden bamboo showers'

a rare blue 'SeaShell' teapot

pink and cream-green teacups