Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chinese Teacups Popular amongst the Malays

small Chinese teacups (ctc)  - 'sakura'
been used for steaming 'kuih lompang' -
a Malay traditional dessert

'peonies' set , more than 30yrs old

sweet roses - small cts

 these design - an evergreen
always a collectors' item

new Chinese teacups - 'rice-grain'
it is so called
 because one can see through the porcelain
small 'rice-grain-like' spots

a new addition flowers

a more recent item 

'bunga kangkung' = BK
a slightly bigger ctc measuring 3x 2in

a set ...'ayam merah'

BK CTC set on a BK 9" deep plate

smaller size BK Chinese tea cups

smaller Chinese teacups

'bunga kangkung' ( 3" x 2 ")

peonies ctc

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