Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More New Items ....for cikJah

its becoming more fun and exciting
seeing my collection 
multiplying slowly and steadily 
with new beautiful items
each new day

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Old Cupboard with an Old Story

the first shot taken

a second look

This particular old cupboard, as far as I can remember has existed since I was small . It was sold to my father for a mere RM10.00,  together with an old wall clock which also cost him another RM10.00. That was many years ago when RM10.00 can buy a week , or maybe 2 week's grocery supply.

Cute Flower Pots ...made-in-china old collection

the recent trip back home visiting my hometown was just for a 
few days  but I was happy because beside getting the chance
 to a few 'food tasting'  trips to try out the
gulai lemak  cili padi and sambal gesek in  Kendong ,
 located nearby Tampin town  and  
meeting up an antique collector there, 
  lempeng kelapa and mee curry  at a small 
roadside eatery in Chengkau
just by the mosque of Kg Tanah Datar ,
also the usual roti canai nek Munah  at 
Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah,

I found three pieces small hand-painted flower pots 
(pic shown above)
to add to my collection of 'made-in-china ceramics.