Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cute Flower Pots ...made-in-china old collection

the recent trip back home visiting my hometown was just for a 
few days  but I was happy because beside getting the chance
 to a few 'food tasting'  trips to try out the
gulai lemak  cili padi and sambal gesek in  Kendong ,
 located nearby Tampin town  and  
meeting up an antique collector there, 
  lempeng kelapa and mee curry  at a small 
roadside eatery in Chengkau
just by the mosque of Kg Tanah Datar ,
also the usual roti canai nek Munah  at 
Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah,

I found three pieces small hand-painted flower pots 
(pic shown above)
to add to my collection of 'made-in-china ceramics.

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