Friday, November 27, 2009

10 Zulhijjah, All Muslims Celebrate Aidil-Adha ~ Festival of Sacrifice ~ Hari Raya Korban


had the first-hand experience preparing the ketupat daun palas

half-cooked/steamed with coconut milk
glutinous rice (pulut) and beans

daun palas ( palm leaves)
~trimmed and unfold the fan-like leaves then
folded cone-shaped as shown above

preparing the palm leaves

stuffing the cone-shaped daun palas
with the glutinous rise

tying a knot with the end of the palm leaf
 tucked into the last fold

now it is ready to be either cooked in
steamer or boiled in coconut santan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Neighbour ~ getting to know

Yesterday i did a hairpiece for  flower-girl hair accessories  using greenish-white dendrobium orchid. It is fun though,  a wee bit messy with the wiring and taping while keeping the orchid pieces fresh loooking.

~ here how it look like when done

this flower-girl's hairpiece/accessorie or
flower garland can done with different flowers
such as spray roses, carnations, all type of small
colorful blooms

this sweet girl is the youngest
daughter of the Arab family

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sanseviera Trifasciata or Mother-in-Law Tounge or Snake Plant (Lidah Emak Mertua/Lidah Jin)

There are a few flower arangements that done recently using the 'Lidah-Emak-Mertua'  leaves to create a form/design or lines such as 'fan' , 'V-shape' and diagonal/slanting lines ` combinations such as these :~

A species of  Sansevieria  , also known as  'mother-in-law tounge'  here in Malaysia is known to originates from Africa. It is so called as 'mother-in-law tounge'  because of its sharp bladelike-shaped leaves. In Africa this plant commonly said to be used as a protective charm against evil spirits of bewitchment.

Previously, these plants grow wild but now they have become popular as ornamental plants and believed to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful gas such as nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde.

Often seen grown as hedges lining the pavement or fence and has become a favorite of landscaping because of easy maintenance  plus easy propagation.

The 'mother-in-law tounge'  dwarf variety (small) plants has also become popular planted in small terracota pot or placed in clear glass vase with water as a decorative element in working/office environment and home shelves.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Walk Taman Botani Putrajaya


Oncidium Twinkle ' Fragrance Fantasy'
a miniature plant that produces clouds of light yellow fragrant flowers
of similar shape as the Dancing Lady

on this particular Sunday on our morning walks.....
the Taman Botani of Putrajaya  organised a 3-days Orchid Expo with a colorful display of
Orchids by various orchid growers and associations
I came across this beauty , a dwarf of the dendrobiums orchid being sold at RM70/-,
(dendrobiums often selected for my fresh flowers arrangements re:


cylinder-shaped fruit tree
~ along the Botanical Garden African Collection Path, came across this tree
which has an unusual cylinder-shaped fruit

Jarak China (French Physic Nut)

this shrub probably may grow taller and bear fruits
 its spider-webbed leaves caught my eye  and my camera

Red Pineapple
its called 'red pineapple' but no pineapple fruits can be seen

Sword Agave ! sharp and pointed bladelike leaves ...
look like the 'mother tounge plant' but it is a different specie

Purple Bell Flower
just called it 'puple bell' coz do not its name

Mickey Mouse
so called 'mickey mouse' coz of its flowers

Monday, November 9, 2009

just thinking out loud

just for a moment this statement flashes in my mind and its worth a try to understand deeply -


what if one does not love or care for their offsprings
what if your sons or daughters forget all about you
where do you belong
old folks home?


what if one does not take pains to maintain a home
what if one does not care to come home
what if one does not keep in touch with members of your home
do you really have a home?
or someone you can call at home?
or in time of needs, a 'place' to call as a home?

Colok Cina/Water Candle ~ Tyhpa Angustifolia

Flower arrangement & design ~ Landscape Design
this piece of flower arrangement was done some time ago.

taken at Putrajaya Floria 09

                                                (ref :

Sunday, November 8, 2009

PetalFlies~Oxalis Regnelli

More on 'Petalflies'
displayed - Putrajaya Floria 09


Got to know some facts on this particular plant   (posted on September 6, 2009) , it is named as 'Oxalis Regnelli' ...ref: Laman Impiana Edisi
It attracted my eye and took a shot during the last Putrajaya Floria 09 last August 2009. Then later in the week, I met a Malay lady entreprenuer in Gadek (Alor Gajah) who has a Landscaping company and often sells herbal plants, flowers and other gardening needs at the Friday farmer market in Tampin. She named this plant 'petalflies' and has several potted in her garden.

Oxalis Regnelli - the beautiful purple color of the leave,the long stems for the ground are topped with a cluster of three triangular-shaped leaflets, which folded at the mid-vein and look like purple butterflies. Would be beautiful if planted bordering or edge of flower beds. Its white beautiful blooms creates an attractive outline in any garden.  It is said to originates from Argentina and has over 800 species worldwide.

I believe there could be other uses beside being a garden plant but probably not known here in Malaysia.