Sunday, November 8, 2009

PetalFlies~Oxalis Regnelli

More on 'Petalflies'
displayed - Putrajaya Floria 09


Got to know some facts on this particular plant   (posted on September 6, 2009) , it is named as 'Oxalis Regnelli' ...ref: Laman Impiana Edisi
It attracted my eye and took a shot during the last Putrajaya Floria 09 last August 2009. Then later in the week, I met a Malay lady entreprenuer in Gadek (Alor Gajah) who has a Landscaping company and often sells herbal plants, flowers and other gardening needs at the Friday farmer market in Tampin. She named this plant 'petalflies' and has several potted in her garden.

Oxalis Regnelli - the beautiful purple color of the leave,the long stems for the ground are topped with a cluster of three triangular-shaped leaflets, which folded at the mid-vein and look like purple butterflies. Would be beautiful if planted bordering or edge of flower beds. Its white beautiful blooms creates an attractive outline in any garden.  It is said to originates from Argentina and has over 800 species worldwide.

I believe there could be other uses beside being a garden plant but probably not known here in Malaysia.

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