Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sanseviera Trifasciata or Mother-in-Law Tounge or Snake Plant (Lidah Emak Mertua/Lidah Jin)

There are a few flower arangements that done recently using the 'Lidah-Emak-Mertua'  leaves to create a form/design or lines such as 'fan' , 'V-shape' and diagonal/slanting lines ` combinations such as these :~

A species of  Sansevieria  , also known as  'mother-in-law tounge'  here in Malaysia is known to originates from Africa. It is so called as 'mother-in-law tounge'  because of its sharp bladelike-shaped leaves. In Africa this plant commonly said to be used as a protective charm against evil spirits of bewitchment.

Previously, these plants grow wild but now they have become popular as ornamental plants and believed to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful gas such as nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde.

Often seen grown as hedges lining the pavement or fence and has become a favorite of landscaping because of easy maintenance  plus easy propagation.

The 'mother-in-law tounge'  dwarf variety (small) plants has also become popular planted in small terracota pot or placed in clear glass vase with water as a decorative element in working/office environment and home shelves.

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