Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Walk Taman Botani Putrajaya


Oncidium Twinkle ' Fragrance Fantasy'
a miniature plant that produces clouds of light yellow fragrant flowers
of similar shape as the Dancing Lady

on this particular Sunday on our morning walks.....
the Taman Botani of Putrajaya  organised a 3-days Orchid Expo with a colorful display of
Orchids by various orchid growers and associations
I came across this beauty , a dwarf of the dendrobiums orchid being sold at RM70/-,
(dendrobiums often selected for my fresh flowers arrangements re:


cylinder-shaped fruit tree
~ along the Botanical Garden African Collection Path, came across this tree
which has an unusual cylinder-shaped fruit

Jarak China (French Physic Nut)

this shrub probably may grow taller and bear fruits
 its spider-webbed leaves caught my eye  and my camera

Red Pineapple
its called 'red pineapple' but no pineapple fruits can be seen

Sword Agave ! sharp and pointed bladelike leaves ...
look like the 'mother tounge plant' but it is a different specie

Purple Bell Flower
just called it 'puple bell' coz do not its name

Mickey Mouse
so called 'mickey mouse' coz of its flowers

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