Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~ "Rose Jambatan" Collection

oval plate 14in
"Rose Jambatan"
- the biggest Oval Plate in my collection

a beautiful piece
~ heritage

9in dinner plate

just a few sets of cups and saucers
and an old and only one big round teapot

displayed with 3pieces side plates (8inches)
and only 1piece 6in sauce plates

Monday, December 19, 2011

~ December 2011 - my New PML Collections

3 pairs tea cups and saucers
'Rose Jambatan'
made-in-china porcelain

booked and paid  online in Nov 2011 for the 3sets of tea cups
but only managed to collect them  yesterday... 
to match my lonely 'Rose Jambatan' teapot purchased
much earlier, also from an online PML supplier 

this 12 inches Oval Platter - 3 Roses/Wild Roses
came with a free gift , 1 pc chinese-teacup

A 12-inc Oval Plate - Rose Hitam/Black Rose

this piece of enamel pot - came from Jordan
bought from an online friend

Friday, December 2, 2011

~ Sweet Roses Collection

just received 2 pairs of 'sweet roses; teacups
from a seller at Loken, Ipoh
pictured above paired with my 'Rosie Teko Ayam' 

Friday, November 25, 2011

~ Black is Sweet - Teapots Hitam - hitam si tampuk manggis ~ 'bunga padi ..kekwa hitam..rose jambatan hitam '

commonly named as : 'bunga padi, kekwa hitam & rose jambatan'
these pieces are a few of the teapots in my collection
recently bought online this year ..2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

~ My RoseCabbage Collection

a design much sought after by many china-porcelain collectors
the only teapot of this design ~ rose cabbage
recently purchased from my cousin
the few saucers, 
side plates and dinner pieces are from my family heirloom

Thursday, October 20, 2011

~ Eggplant .... 'Bunga Terung' cups and saucers only

a teapot (Teko Bulat bunga Terung)
new addition to the 'bunga terung' collection
dtd : Nov 2011

6in side plate & 3in sauce plate
my latest addition to ' bunga terung' collection

source info - wikipedia


Sunday, August 14, 2011

~ Cups and Saucers ~ a few ~ from online purchase..some are gifts from online friends and some are old collections

a set of six, complete with saucers but no teapot
~ from mom-in-law heritage home

bunga padi ? gandum?
online Ipoh friend

only a single set

a few additional pieces from the cups were online purchase ~ Ipoh
and a few sets from late mom-in-law old collection  

 a miss-matched set of cups & saucers

still looking out for its right match

a rare piece
:  extra saucers to let go

a pair bought online 

odd pieces
hope to get matching pieces

BK cups (in the forefront) is called 'Bujang' / single ,without saucers
while the ones on extreme right is 'round' cups with matching saucers
BK cups on the left known as 4-seasons BK also without saucers

sweet sakura

a gift - EG 2011

a pair of BK Cup (mulut lebar)
a rare piece and popularly referred to as 'wide mouth'
~ gift from a cousin who is also a collector

this design so-called 'Bunga Padi' is a favorite 
Sept 2011 addition
to my cups and saucers collection

Friday, August 12, 2011

... Sakura ~ Add on to my Sakura Collection

dtd : 24Aug2011...  14in Oval Platter
my 'Sakura' collection

these 6pcs from Ain Zuryn

this craze for 'sakura' started off with a gift from my sis-in-law
an 'Aladdin' teapot

Aladdin Sakura teapot

EG gift from cik Yatt Precious
a collection of blues and antique roses teacups
that matched my roses 'square' teapot
2 sets of beautiful sakura cups & saucers

the sakura cups & saucers 
(on the left)

just to display the sakura pieces

then came a few pieces of saucers only
odd pieces collected from
mum-in-law's old kampung home

old  family collection

from ZaitunAntique
6pcs 'mangkuk sambal' 

last but not least
the latest addition
(pic top-of-page)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

~ A Nice Surprise Today ~ Matching Teacups for Teapot 'Rosie'

On a trip to visit my sister, took a short side-trip to
downtown Melaka and passed by an old shop
clearing it old stock of crockery , pots and pans
What  lovely find~ 2 boxes of teacups of the same design 
my 'Rosie' teapot.

matching teacups

Bought these teapots sometime ago..
lovely soft and sweet rose design
so I named it 'Rosie' teapot

since this partricular teapot does not have any matching cups,
I placed in in a basket together with  
' cawan bujang Bunga Kangkung' 
* bujang= single /without saucers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

` Oval Platters~ Pinggan Hidang Bujur

the first few pieces 'Dancing Dutch'
2 pcs Oval Platter 12inches and
a 6in round platter (side plate) ..  a gift,
thanks to cik Nur from Kuching

'Wild Rose' 8in Oval Platter