Thursday, August 7, 2008

Laman 2008

Laman 2008, Taman Tasik Perdana KL, 21 July 08

Me and hubby spent whole afternoon looking forward to learn more on flora and landscaping but we were disappointed that it was a lesser presentation compared to the 2006 which was a great work done by the Jab Lanskap Negara.

Anyway, I made a finding, ie : bunga telang that gives blue colour to nasi kerabu. Not sure that it is still being used now since we can get food coloring off the supemarket shelf. Datin Seri (YAB PM'swife) "edible garden" was a comendable effort and am sure the public can learn a lot from the display.

also known as : Asian Pegionwings
Group : Dicot
Family : Fabaceae
Duration : Perennial
Growth Habitat: Vine/Herb –
climbing plant with relatively long woody stems

Got a few shots on Kelantan features :-

That too was a good effort but the state of Perak and Johor have done great job.

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