Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Almost a year had passed. Today 14 Shaaban 1430 Hijrah and very soon all Muslims around the world will be observing Ramadhan Fasting followed by Eid celebration.
There were many events/happenings/comings and goings and loads of stories waiting to be jotted down in this blog. Both happy and sad , frightening and all sorts of intense feelings that words cannot describe. Whatever that have happened will be treasured in my heart and I will look up to Allah SWT for guidance and strength to move forward in this life and to do good for my family and mankind. Amin.

This particular blog has been silent for a long time but nevertheless, I have created and kept posting and uploading myriads of images in the family blog Tanjung Rimau (exclusive for Hajjah Sena Family) http://tanjungrimau.blogspot.com/ , my Cik Jah Online Flowers both in http://cikjahonlineflowers.blogspot.com/ and http://cikjahflowers.fotopages.com/ . My younger sister too was moved to blog her baking expertise plus trials and errors happily most probably blogging her achievements in http://thecakediary.blogspot.com/ . This was initiated when she paid me a visit last May together with the other two sisters . We are the four sisters in my family together with five brothers making up the number to eleven children of Hajjah Sena and Othman Md Zin.

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