Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miniature Pineapple (Dwarf Pineapple)

This morning, a nice surprise greeted me as I ponder over the balcony  railings , where we hang a few potted plants. A beautiful yellow-golden 'dwarf pineapple' fruit with a proud crown on top ....
my own  'dwarf pineapple'

Took the flower pot indoors and immediately
 captured a few images using my tiny digital camera
Nanas Hana69 - MAHA 2008
: Pineapple Industry Board Malaysia

Not sure whether it is edible but have seen in being sold in the supermarket, Chinese fruit stalls and often used in flower arrangements, especially during the Chinese New Year celebration. Maybe it can be used as an exotic drink stirers as it has long nice stalk. I planted this dwarf pineapple from a cutting given by my sister in Melaka who was clearing her plot of front yard garden almost a year ago. Initially, I have given up hope that it could  fruit.

Browsing the internet to get some information on this plant :

Family  :    Bromeliaceae
Species :   Anana Nanus
Known to originates from Brazil as ornamental plant with longish green-grey leaves with spines. The ripe fruit look like a small pineapple.

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