Sunday, June 6, 2010

Asam Gelugur or Asam Keping in Malay (Garcinia Atroviridis)

Brief info :
Scientific name   -   Garcinia Atrovoridis
Local name         -   Asam Gelugur
Common name   -   Malabar Tamarind
Main component -   Hydroxycitric acid (HCA)
Properties/Uses  -   Anti-inflamatory,  antidiarrheic, digestive, anti-tumor

The 'asam gelugur' tree has long trunk and it can grow to more than 20m tall, with smooth grey bark and drooping branches . The leaves are  dark green in colour while its round fruits are initially green  and turn yellow/bright orange when ripe . The long shiny leaves are pointed  at the tip with upturned edges.
Asam gelugur has sour taste .When sliced and dried it is used both for for cooking and as herbal medicine for weight loss and also known for its  antioxidants properties.
Garcinia Atroviridis- asam gelugur belong to the same group as the 'garcinia mangostana' - mangosteen/ manggis fruit tree.

It was during one of our Sunday morning walks at the Putrajaya Parks that triggered my interest on  the 'Garcinia Atrovidis' - asam gelugur. Came across a few fruits that have fallen down.  Recalled the brief notes on uses and properies of the 'garcinia'  during our visit to the Nasuha Herbal Farm & Resorts in Pagoh, Johor, where hundreds of asam gelugur trees were planted and was told that  the owner of this herbal farm imported selected species from overseas.

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