Monday, September 24, 2007

this my first try


  1. Hi Puan Lijah,
    You should do better than this for your first try. Sorry I am just filling in the comment colun.

  2. Hj. Zawi,

    Thanxs for the encouragement. Need time to reflect and jot down my thoughts. I do intent to pen down my "Kelantan Quest".

  3. Hajjah,
    I will be here to support you. I will tell my friends to visit you but the best way is for you to visit othe peoples blog and leave a sensible comment about their aticles. Most times they will pay a reciprocal visit to you blog.
    I forsee a very attractive postings from you on the Kelantan Quest. Make it into a series and make it short and sweet to sustain visitors interest.
    Hey I am also a newbie si I have no business to be preaching you hahahhaa.