Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Family

Who Am I without my loved ones on my right and left

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  1. Dear Hajjah,
    I am glad that you have chosen the path of complete retirement and not go into business as you have earlier envisaged. Getting into business immediately after retirement could be a commitment that can lead to another highly stressed world. Try to make suitable adjustments to your style and you will find a more fulfilling life than what you could have achieved by getting into a new business which you havent prepare and started prior to retirement.
    Stick to the adage that however much money that you make and it still wont be enough if you cant manage it and however little that you make will be enough if you manage it well.
    The kind of village life that you are going to lead is an enviable one. Buildup the entrepreneurship within you by doing small business. Sell those surplus chicken eggs or any other surpluses. In no time you will find all the opportunities of doing business. It doesnt matter where you live because as long as you are connected via internet, the world is your market.
    I know you are great at writing. Use this god's gift to your advantage. Write to your heart's content and soon you will find it is a source of extra income too. Travel the world and write about it. If the write up is good, travel magazines will buy them. Afterall you know all the editors of the travel magazines, so its time to be in touch with them again.
    Thanks for all the help you have given me when I was working for Kesedar Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd. Convey my salam to Tuan Haji Hussin.