Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will be fifty-six soon. Looking forward to retire “kampung-style” with my husband and living with my eighty-five years old mother. I imagine myself walking to the mosque for evening prayers and Qur’an classes, early morning chatting session with relatives many of whom I seldom meet, pounding chilies and spices for cooking sessions and feeding chickens and ducks daily in the afternoons. I could certainly paint a pretty scene.

Our three children doubted that I could adjust to the serene kampong reality. To assure them of my serious venture, I have signed-up for ‘Nursery and Landscaping’ course so that I could be physically and mentally active in the kampong circle.

Making this move would be a chance for me to feel connected and be involved with my elders and kampung folks. I hope I could do justice to both myself and my family with this major decision in my life.